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Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project a BOOM Or a Disaster in Making

The famous Kishanganga has already casted its shadow over flora & fauna of district bandipora, centuries old pines are being cut in the name of development, water bodies are being polluted, rare fish species are dying due to poisonous discharges from the project construction. All these activities are going under the nose of district administration, who is terming this disaster a development.

Anyways, is the district bandipora ready for the real coming disaster? The execution body NHPC has two inline projects, which are already facing poor construction and both the projects have been build by famous Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. famous Uri II & Nimo Bazgo are best examples, how our resources as well national funds are getting misused by people in power at NHPC & HCC. While providing projects to these big organizations, one expects great quality with best workmanship, but in reality what we get? These companies outsource the work to different people who are least bothered about the quality etc.

For a project of national importance as well esteem, one would expect a good team with great experience. But unfortunately Kishanganga is no different for NHPC & HCC. Project is being handed over to the sub contractors who haven’t build a wall before, but today they are building the dam & power house. What would be the outcome from this un-experienced team? Yes, we are moving towards a disaster, would tunnels hold the pressure of the water coming from the dam? The material / quality don’t assure so, so we are putting lives of thousands of people living around the catchment area of the project in danger.

 The project has proved a mint for the officials of the both the organizations, who have made fortune keeping quality & safety at bay so risking lives of  hundreds & thousands people living around the Kishanganga.

Private Sector – An epic failure in Kashmir
Govt is leaving no stone unturned to catch with the unemployed youth of J&K. Private sector is being lured with every possible support from government and its machinery, but what our youth is getting in reality? The facts and figures are shocking. We carried survey of some such companies functional in J&K, and were shocked to see what is being served to our unemployed educated starving youth. We start with:

Hindustan Construction Company one of  the major construction company operating in Jammu & Kashmir, who made their maiden entry during 2005, build many projects like Uri II, Qazigund – Banihal Railway Tunnel, and have many in line projects like famous Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project, Rail Tunnel Project in Banihal and so on. They are flaunting all the rules and regulations when employment of locals is concerned. From a workforce of 200 people (Management, Engineering & Administration) have just 10 Or 12 local employees posted at different locations in J&K. The figures should had been 70-30 Or at least 50-50, but keeping rules aside they are violating every contract clause. Our youth can compete in any part of the world, but doors in their home land are closed.

Are our resources as well funds for misuse only? The company and its administration have minted millions from these projects, but are depriving our educated unemployed youth of their basic rights. To get a job in the company, one has to keep moving from pillar to post for years and at the end you are told project is over and better luck next time. Our youth puts high hopes with every project the company is allocated in J&K, but at the end, they have to again wait for a new project, with new hopes.

And the condition of 4 – 6% who conquered the everest is even worst, on condition of anonymity, those working with this organisations are treated worst than slaves at these projects. One is supposed to work for 12 – 15 hours daily for 365 days, without expecting any Sunday or Holiday. If one asks for a holiday, the people at helm start abusing and threaten you of dire consequences.

While contacting the management at their HO in mumbai, no one turned back for the necessary inputs.